Anti-Vaxxers, Religion, Climate Change, and much more!

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Welcome to Bad Table Talk I’m your host Oliver Niehaus and this is where we break down all of the current news and talk about everything you aren’t supposed to talk about at the dinner table, that being politics, religion, money, and more. My goal with this series is to provide easy to listen, informative segments, addressing the most pressing issues we face, and to start much-needed conversations as a result. As always, thanks go out to my friend Oscar Gregg for providing the music you hear and you should all check out his new album To Live In Fear which will be linked in the podcast notes below. If you enjoy what you hear, please subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave a rating and review. And feel free to also share your thoughts with me via email which is linked below as well. So sit back and relax while I talk about how utterly fucked we are as a country. I’m totally kidding (sort of) All joking aside, Regardless of where you stand politically, I hope everyone is motivated by what they hear to research more about these issues and feels ready to contribute to making our nation a better place for everyone. Thank you and please enjoy!
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