EP125 with Dan Agostino

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In this episode, we spoke with Dan Agostino, Head of Design at The Brand Agency. Hailing from Perth, Dan joined The Brand Agency in 2007 and over the years his role has grown to Head of Design. The 150+ people agency has offices in Perth, Melbourne and Auckland and covers project management, creative and design, content and production, brand activation, PR and social, technology, media, search and analytics, strategy, UX and CX. We spoke with Dan about the design scene in Perth and dove into some of the stand out projects they have launched including Active Armidale and the brilliant Hungry Puffs campaign for Foodbank. Dan speaks candidly about the purpose of the projects and also how and why they help deliver economic growth, opportunity, health and stability to society. We hope you enjoy this first episode of ADR in 2021 brought to you by our friends at Streamtime. Support the podcast by supporting our one and only partner. If you haven’t tried it before, see how Streamtime can help you run things more efficiently. https://streamtime.net Links: Dan Agostino https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-agostino https://www.brandagency.com.au Mentions: Hungry puffs https://www.brandagency.com.au/perth/work/2020/hungry-puffs-foodbank https://www.brandagency.com.au https://www.brandagency.com.au/Perth/work/2019/the-city-of-armadale-active-armdale https://www.brandagency.com.au/perth/brand-xp https://streamtime.net/blog/10-tips-and-tricks-in-streamtime https://www.adobe.com/max/2020/sessions/why-your-workplace-culture-is-probably-killing-you-od5132.html ADR https://www.facebook.com/ausdesignradio http://bit.ly/youtubeadr https://soundcloud.com/ausdesignradio https://open.spotify.com/show/3lmn16MGbEdG31jbpYmebY https://ausdesignradio.com

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