211 | Bernadette Lack, Midwife, two births, incontinence, prolapse, pelvic floor, GBS, homebirth

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In my first interview of the year, I chat with Bernadette of @coreandfloorrestore - a midwife, personal trainer and mother of two boys. Bernadette’s unique story involves incontinence before pregnancy and she details the debilitating experience of consistently wetting herself as her pregnancy progressed. Her empowering first birth encouraged a new sense of self-belief so she delved into research and reminded herself of one basic fact: the pelvic floor is a muscle and like all muscles, it can heal. Subsequently, she created her own program which has helped over 2000 women with prolapse and incontinence issues and continues to be a fabulous resource for those dealing with the shame and discomfort of a weakened pelvic floor. Aside from Bernadette's abundance of knowledge, she talks in detail about her two beautiful homebirths, what it’s like to labour as a midwife and the shift in family dynamics as the firstborn tentatively welcomes the new baby. An absolute must-listen for all women, but especially those who suffer incontinence in silence. Please know that you’re not alone! Bernadette’s newborn, Aloysius, is only two weeks old when I chat to her so she’s very much in the bliss and exhaustion of the fourth trimester. However, she has a wealth of knowledge and I can’t quite believe how much we covered in this episode.

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