THE SHIFTY SOUND IS GUESSED, Triple M fail, Showdown hotness, Trolls & more - Best Team Mates

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Matt’s life update, house selection, Biggest arguments in your household, Matty’s footy team, Matty’s first footy spray, THE SHIFTY SOUND IS GUESSED, Rosies life, Matt and Andy sound the same, Who said what game, Radio Fails, Triple M Podcast Fail, Sexy Sam, Matty is going on the Press Box, The Best Team 8, Best Smells in the world, Matt’s Yumbo update, Crazy Uber Eats order, Jarrod and Rosie hosted the Showdown at Adelaide Oval, Rosie got a bit happy about some of the players, Unfiltered Rosie, Rosies hot husband Christopher, Trolls on social media, what happened at the game during the halftime activation, Back to the Future quiz, Andy’s life update, Little Box Co Fridge, The Jingle Game, Shifty Lizard and Brighton Trophy Centre, Dadelaide.

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