Prince William defends the Royal Family, Defence Minister to pay damages, COVID-19 Vaccination updates and more - Headlines by Auscast - Friday March 13

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Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has taken back the comment referring to alleged rape victim Brittany Higgins as a ‘lying cow’.

She has also agreed to pay damages.

In a statement, Senator Reynolds said she never intended for the comment to be made public and acknowledges the hurt it may have caused.

The apology is part or a defamation settlement, with costs to be paid in full to a charity that supports victims of sexual assault


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted Australia's early COVID-19 vaccine supplies from overseas were "a lot less than we had anticipated" as he defended delays to the national rollout.

Australia had originally expected to receive 3.8 million AstraZeneca doses from the European Union, but had so far received just 700,000.


Some European countries have suspended the use of Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19

Vaccination after reports of blood clotting.

Denmark, Iceland and Norway have suspended the use while the European Unions Medicines regulator investigates.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton insists the vaccine is safe for use in Australia.


More than 200 kilograms of Cocaine has been seized by NSW Police.

The drugs were hidden inside boxes onboard a fishing boat sailing off the NSW coast. Australian Federal Police and Australian Boarder Force made the find after a tip-off..

More than $500,000 on cash was also seized.

A man has been arrested for his alleged involvement and police will continue their investigation.


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Prince William has defended the royal family after the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Prince insists the royal family is not racist. He also mentioned he has not spoke to Harry since the interview aired on TV around the world.


Lara Worthington has made a rare public appearance last night, at the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

The 33-year-old, mum to three children with husband Sam Worthington, wowed in a show-stopping Dion Lee dress worth $1990 walking the red carpet solo as a special guest of David Jones.

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