1.2 BILLION DOLLAR boost for Tourism and Aviation, Daniel Andrews hospitalised, Piers Morgan and more - Headlines by Auscast

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This is headlines by Auscast Thursday March 11th 2021.

Vo by Andy Martin.

AUSTRALIA's tourism and aviation industries are set to receive a 1.2 BILLION DOLLAR FEDERAL BOOST.

The rescue package will be announced today and will offer HALF PRICE FLIGHTS to the country's regional centres - including CAIRNS, ALICE SPRINGS and BROOME.

They'll go on sale next week...and run every week until the end of JULY.


Victorian Premier DANIEL ANDREWS remain in hospital, where he's recovering after fracturing his T7 vertebrae and breaking his ribs in a fall on TUESDAY.

Doctors have now RULED OUT immediate surgery...but will continue testing before making a final decision - most likely over the weekend.


The DUCHESS OF SUSSEX has now filed a FORMAL COMPLAINT against the ITV network and PIERS MORGAN...after his controversial comments QUESTIONING her mental health claims.

He's refused to apologise to MEGHAN - standing by his criticism of her interview with PRINCE HARRY.


The federal Education Minister has flagged plans to review TEACHER EDUCATION.

The government hopes to boost our school test results over the next decade...off the back of poor NAPLAN results.



AND...the truck driver who hit and killed four police officers on MELBOURNE's Eastern Freeway returns to court today.

He's pleaded guilty to four counts of culpable driving causing death.

The Porsche driver pulled over during the incident, RICHARD PUSEY, pleaded guilty to three charges.


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- Disney Plus has surpassed its own expectations - hitting more than 100 MILLION global paid subscribers in just 16 months.

The company had been aiming for 90 MILLION over 4 years.

-AND Gwyneth Paltrow will launch a healthy home meal delivery service through her company GOOP.

She's made the announcement after revealing her 6 kilo weight loss post-lockdown.

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