Brisbane Hospital Lockdown, $34 Million payout for Floyd family, AstraZeneca clot response and more - Headlines by Auscast - Saturday March 13, 2021

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Brisbane's largest hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital has been placed into lockdown after a doctor tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday.

The hospital has administered 3,477 doses of coronavirus vaccines since the rollout began, however it is unclear whether the doctor is one of the recipients.

The hospital said it was "actively working to ensure the safety of staff and patients on campus while contact tracing is undertaken".


The city of Minneapolis will pay out $34 million to George Floyds family settling a civil lawsuit over his death in police custody.

The Floyd family lawyer Ben Crump called it the largest pretrial settlement ever for a civil rights claim, and thanked city leaders for “showing you care about George Floyd.”


AstraZeneca says there is ‘no evidence of an increased risk’ of blood clotting from their vaccine as some European countries suspend the use of the vaccine.

Denmark, Norway and Iceland have now been joined by Bulgaria in delaying the rollout.

Yesterday, Thailands Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, cancelled his plans to publicly receive the shot and delayed its rollout throughout the country.


A 26 year old Adelaide student has been jailed over an international "sextortion" case after threatening an ex-girlfriend and distributing explicit videos and images of her.

It's the first ‘revenge porn’ case prosecuted under Commonwealth laws in South Australia.


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