Attorney general DENIES RAPE ALLEGATIONS, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds, CYCLONE NIRAN and more - Headlines by Auscast

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This is headlines by Auscast Thursday March 4th 2021.

Im Andy Martin.

CHRISTIAN PORTER's colleagues appear to be rallying behind him, after the Attorney general DENIED RAPE ALLEGATIONS.

The lawyer for the woman who made the claims, before taking her own life, says there needs to be an independent investigation.

The SA CORONER says the report received this week is INCOMPLETE...and SA POLICE will continue to investigate the woman's death...and the findings will determine whether an inquiry will be held.

The ATTORNEY GENERAL is refusing to stand down from his role...he's taking mental health leave.


...meanwhile Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has stopped short of denying claims she called a former staff member a "LYING COW"

Brittany Higgins alleges she was raped by a colleague in Senator Reynolds office.

In a statement, the DEFENCE MINISTER denies questioning Higgins' account of what happened...but says she DID comment on news reports she "felt had been misrepresented"


CYCLONE NIRAN appears to be moving further out to sea...after lingering off QUEENSLAND's FAR NORTH COAST this week.

The category 3 system is around 345 kays northeast of CAIRNS...and is expected to weaken later today.

The Weather Bureau has cancelled the cyclone warning which was in place.


There has been another failed launch for SPACE X this morning.

The SPACESHIP 10 launch was aborted as the engines fired up in SOUTH TEXAS.

A decision is being made on whether to make another launch attempt today.


The MCG is being tossed around as a possible venue for the funeral of Aussie music icon MICHAEL GUDINSKI, following his passing this week.


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Things have gotten even more messy ahead of the airing of the MEGHAN MARKLE-PRINCE HARRY interview with OPRAH...which ITV has secured the rights to

BUCKINGHAM PALACE has launched an investigation into claims MEGHAN bullied her former staff at Kensington a statement, saying that behaviour won't be tolerated.

The DUCHESS OF SUSSEX says she's "saddened" by the claims.

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