Episode 34 - 2 Steves 1 (Franken)Strat

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It was probably the legendary Freddie Mercury who put it best...

"One man. One goal.

One mission.

One global lockdown. One replica guitar.

One work station. One spray can.


Er, it went something like that anyway….

The point is, without knowing it, Lord Mercury coincidentally and unwittingly predicted the future project of Mr. Steve Reekie – talented guitarist and friend of the ATBVH podcast – who undertook the building of a totally playable and highly-detailed replica of Edward Van Halen's ultra-iconic Frankenstrat guitar during the UK’s 2020 Covid lockdown.

(It’s at enviously impressive times like this that the rest of us wish we hadn’t spent each lockdown combined attempting to bake the perfect loaf of banana bread.)

In a podcast first! ATBVH’s first ever guest, Steve joins Steve (the other one) and Ross to discuss the step-by-step steps of how Frankenstrat’s unofficial yet just as handsome British cousin was born.

PLUS! Your eyes can also watch along! By going to Steve's Instagrams @steveohhno and observing the accompanying pics and vids.

But that’s not all…. !

EXPECT! Mind-blowing insight on how EVH created parts of the original axe!

MARVEL! At Sherlock Holmes-levels of cigarette burn analysis!

REJOICE! In hearing Steve (not that one) and fellow musician Ross converse in such impressive guitar vernacular that they sound like two doctors discussing complicated surgical procedures!

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