Episode 32 - Cheap Meat | People Are The Worst

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If you're in a band that exists purely because of Van Halen AND you have a longstanding podcast about the band, THEN you have your debut album coming out, what do you do?! Well, you hope the fans of the show will get stuck in and listen as Ross and Steve go through the album track by track! We're talking Ross' band Cheap Meat, and their Debut Album People Are The Worst! It's a big un! From Robert Burns history to Whitesnake guitar solos, making the old granny's in Cultercullen cry via Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. We've got it all baby!

Now dear listener, be sure to go ahead and get a copy of the album via https://cheapmeat.bandcamp.com

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Stay safe out there, dear listeners! Wash your hands, scrub your toes and more importantly.... be excellent to each other.

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