Episode 27 - Diamond Dave

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What do you get when you’ve two of the smartest minds in podcasting? Well, belated and sporadic episodes for a start (sorry again dear listener) BUT you also get hosts of a Top 60 comedy podcast in Finland (this is not a drill!) AND... um... er... um... you get an album skipped too... !

Yep we admit it, so dazzled have we been by Dave’s solo offerings that we totally missed out an album! ‘DLR Band’? Where's that gone then? We’ve looked everywhere... inside our hard drives, under the mouse mat, Ross even turned his old house upside-down (the new residents were NOT happy) but nope, it's gone.

But don’t worry we’ll find it! Then go back and do the DLR band album next. Look, just think of it as us approaching Mister Roth’s solo output like Pulp Fiction – we're already at the end, and now it’s big band time, it's funky 90s, it's well... whatever's knocking about in the studio broom cupboard, on this – the final (as it stands) solo album from ‘Diamond Dave’!

We talk about the infamous Sammy & DLR Tour, Dave's penchant for a platinum blonde dye, Matthew McConaughey-inspired noodling and well... all your usual ATBVH tomfoolery, bumbling and fun!

Let's Diamond Dive right into Diamond Dave!


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