Episode 23 - A Little Ain't Enough

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"Bye Bye Vai...!

Oi, Tuggle! Bissonette Brothers! Rocket! Get over here!"

"Seems like it's only a few of us here, Dave..."

"Ha! A Little Ain't Enough!"

"Sounds like a good name for an album in 1991, boss."


Grunge, so much grunge... all over poor DLR’s spandex. So better start shooting videos in black and white to hide those pesky Seattle coffee stains, Dave.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tuggle is on an Aerosmith bender and Bob Rock is getting annoyed in the booth.

PLUS... Sir Ian McKellan is back from the Bard with another reciting of some of DLR’s lyrics, and Matthew Mcconaughey is telling you all about the lawn uptake that you didn't know you need!

All this and more in another DLR solo adventure/dream/nightmare... it's... ‘A Little Ain't Enough’!


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