F.P.C. Till the Wheels Fall Off Podcast

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A Podcast not for the easily offended for people who understand the Aussie a tounge in cheek shit stirring culture. Each week a small group of 4 get together and drink and discuss topics from what’s happening in the world to controversial subjects as well as some twisted hypotheticals. With equal parts heartfelt and taking the piss we keep our foot to the floor bouncing the limiter of good taste until the wheels fall off each week. We will try our best to push back at PC culture before it destroys our ability to have our individual opinions or crack a joke as tasteless as some may be. Because at the end of the day being offended is subjective to each person and should have no bearing on others as we can all choose what we watch and listen to it is time to be adults and be responsible for yourselves not govern others with your opinions. So, if you a Karen do not listen. We are not here to f#$k spiders but we will watch if you are.

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