Experience Jesus with Dr. Patty Sadallah

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Dr. Patty Sadallah, as God’s Encounter Facilitator, helps connect you with God in practical ways so you can build memories with Him personally. In each episode, we look at life issue topics and the Scripture that addresses them. Using a Biblically-based skill called dialogue journaling, the listener learns how to tap into God directly using the language of the heart. Also, listeners hear what Jesus Himself had to say about life issues, scripture, and your identity as He tells and shows you insights using dialogue journaling. What does Jesus have to say to you personally about your life challenges and your Christ Identity? Find out with the facilitated encounters at the end of each podcast. Once you know how to ask Jesus yourself, He becomes your Heavenly Father, Teacher, Counselor, Shepherd, Healer, Friend, etc. These are intimate Names, and they are His Names for a reason! NEW TO THIS PODCAST, BEGIN WITH THE TRAILER EPISODE! https://pattyej.podbean.com/e/trailer-episode-experience-jesus-with-dr-patty-sadallah/

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