The Relationship Between our Dreams and Reality

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In this episode, I talk about how our dreams that we have when sleeping are related to our experiences when we are awake. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that the crazy, far fetched events while we sleep can have importance in our life. But, they have a great impact on the way we handle different events and also reflect the type of emotions we have at a certain moment. After doing some research from a couple articles, it gave more scientific context to why this happens. A study conducted by Alessandro Fogli and his colleagues tested 24,000 dreams from a Dreambank for clinical patients and found a positive relationship with the anxiety experienced in dreams versus the anxiety in real life. Another idea expressed dreams as being a "Nocturnal Therapist" show them as being important of understanding our worries in real life so that we can become better problem solvers. If you have always wondered about the relationship between dreams and reality, tune in!

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