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Pete Souza spoke with WBUR’s Weekend Edition host Sharon Brody about his time as Chief Official White House Photographer for all eight years of the Obama administration along with his latest book, “The West Wing and Beyond: What I Saw Inside the Presidency.”توسط WBUR
At Boston Latin School, a new admissions policy has resulted in an increase of Black and Latino students among the incoming seventh grade class — more than there have been in at least a generation.توسط WBUR
Branch closures hit some customers hard: small businesses that deal in cash, city dwellers reliant on public transit, and older customers. Of the 230 branches closed since the start of COVID, one quarter of those were in low- and moderate-income areas, according to federal data and WBUR reporting.توسط WBUR
When Gov. Ron DeSantis flew four dozen migrants to Martha's Vineyard last week, he was probably thinking of how it would play in his home state of Florida. But the controversial move has also put immigration front and center in Massachusetts politics.توسط WBUR
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