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One problem with an abundance of choice is that, sometimes, the noise can drown out the signal—there’s something seemingly tailor-made for everyone, but that means it’s that much harder to sift through and discover your own goldilocks preference, even among the best podcasts.In the same way that it’s difficult to find local musicians that fit your taste without a mixtape from a friend or a showcase at a neighborhood bar, with over nine hundred thousand podcasts and thirty million episodes av ...
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Have you ever felt belief that Jesus could do something about your situation but struggled to believe that he would? This creeping feeling of doubt is exactly what the father of a demon-possessed boy felt in Mark 9. In this paradigm-shifting sermon, Pastor Nathan explores doubt's role in faith.توسط Community Wesleyan Church Newark
What does it mean to be *with* someone? In Mark 3, Pastor Nathan shows us that Jesus called his disciples "that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach". Jesus is still calling us to be with Him and to be sent by Him. This is discipleship. Who are you discipling?توسط Community Wesleyan Church Newark
In this sermon from Mark 2, Pastor Nathan Metz identifies four characteristics of the life of Christ. If Christ is alive in us, our lives should look like His life in Scripture. How did Jesus interact with sin and sinners? What did he expect?توسط Community Wesleyan Church Newark
Jesus ministry was really kicking off. People began coming to Him from all over. But why did he insist on moving on to new places? As Pastor Nathan guides us through Mark 1:21-45, we see that Jesus was intent on doing His Father's work while being hidden away. What does that mean for us?توسط Community Wesleyan Church Newark
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