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Hello Happy Hour! This week we talk about how Verison 2 has a want to get into Warhammer 4DK. We also introduce a new segment called Pay in 4 Whore! If you guys are familiar with the concept of using Afterpay or Paypal in 4, then you know exactly where we are going with this. Get ready for some weird shenanigans this week on Happy Hour.…
Hello Happy Hour! This week, we get to hear all about the crazy weekend Duce had with his family and how much fun he had seeing Bert Kreischer! We get to hear this weeks Duce's Pull and his experience with a pirate noise?! Enjoy all the craziness on this week's episode!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Hello Happy Hour! This week, Ariel gets a redo on opening one special gift from Duce! We give our thoughts on AEW Revolution PPV and we start a new segment called Duce's Pull where Kyle pulls out a new Comic Book each week and gives us his thoughts and opinions about it! Stay tuned for new stuff this week on Happy Hour!…
This week, we share some wardrobe malfunctions that has happened to the happy hour crew recently, we dive into some really out there commercials and we give our take on Kyle and Ariel's most recent Aew crate!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
*Thank you Happy Hour fans for being patience with us as we were experiencing technical difficulties*This week, we get a little crazy but in a good way as we talk about the best hidden gem we found on an adventure and that is Sickies Garage! Kyle talks about the new Hit show The Last of Us and we talk about what to do for Kyles big birthday this ye…
Happy Hour friends! This week, Ariel and Alex talk about all the fun they had this year at Lakeland Comic Con and all the different people they saw and things they bought. We talk about some new food adventures coming up and tease one funny story coming up next week!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Happy Hour! How are you liking our new segment GamerTag of the week? Well we have some great new ones from Duces gaming adventures. We talk about all the new games and a debate. Should Kyle get a Nintendo Switch or Playstation 5? Comment and let us know!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Happy Hour! We are back and we are ready! This week, we talk about all the fun we had with our friends and family watching the Royal Rumble and the events leading up to it. Kyle has some very special gifts for Ariel and Version 2 and they talk about new lego adventures. Buckle up because everyone is in for a treat this week!…
This week Kyle talks about his Friday night Call Of Duty fun while telling us his gamertag of the week! Ariel and Version 2 share the good news of them finally closing on their land and we dive into the Snoop Dogg cookbook Kyle got for Christmas. Everyone hang on because this episode we are taking you for a ride!…
Happy Hour friends! On this week's episode, we talk about Kyle and version 2 taking about all day food crawl, the Taco bell app, and Kyle talks about how he is adapting to cooking at home and all the fun stuff he has created. We get a little crazy on this week's episode of Happy Hour!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
The Happy Hour is back from all the holiday adventures and we have a full pack episode. Ariel and her Husband take us through their first time hosting Christmas and we all just share stories about how crazy this end of the year has been. Here is to a great 2023!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Hello Happy Hour family! This week we wanted to share with everyone a little Christmas fun we had and Kyle shares with us his fun family games he got to play at his families Christmas party! Listen to all the love and cheer on this week's episode!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Hello Happy Hour! This week, we talk about movies that we grew up on and introduce a new segment on the show. Duce talks about his awesome white elephant gift and a new shopping app that is currently taken over Ariels house. Dive into this all over the place episode with us!We all want to wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday season from everyone …
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is right around the corner and today we are talking about all about what we do at Happy Hour to celebrate! Go back in time with us as we talk about Christmas as kids to how it is in adulthood! Don't miss this holly episode!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
The unthinkable has happened and we are here to talk about it. We talk about the travesty that is getting rid of the McRib, how Taco Bell is saving the game and all about the new Modern Warfare 2. Don't miss a brand new adventure!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
This week we talk about all the fun adventures we have been on the past few months and some of our favorite Black Friday finds from our very own local stores! You guys don't miss a minute of this episode!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
What a special episode we have for you! We have been saving this one and you will understand why. We have a few special guests and we are just having a good time. We talk about our favorite things like wrestling and a new special topic. If you could start your own podcast, what would it be.توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Happy Hour fans, when you go into a comic book shop what is the first thing you look for? What makes a great comic book store? Well Kyle had an adventure in Tampa and visited one great shop! Listen to all the adventures and more on this weeks episode!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Thank you guys so much for all the love and support on our Hurricon 2022 interview episodes! Today, we have the final installment and it is with our good friend Eric Hansen from The Just Dice League. Make sure you guys go and check them out and support!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
We are wrapping up our Hurricon 2022 edition of the podcast with just a few left but this week, we have Firelock games that joined us to talk all about what they have been doing and talking about Blood and Plunder. This is an exciting episode so don't miss out!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
In another installment of Hurricon 2022, Kyle sits down with Phil from Sherwood War games and they talk about all the fun and exciting things that surround Hurricon. Learn all about Phil getting into the hobby and fun things that are in the future!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Spooky season is here and we are all excited! This week, we talk about some of our favorite childhood traditions from trick or treating to spooky hayrides. We even get into some of our favorite adult Halloween stories!Tell us Happy Hour fans, what are some of your favorite traditions or fun things to do for spooky season?…
Happy Hour family get ready because we have one amazing episode here! Our good friend Kent Ward is here with us and telling us all about Ongakuvania! One amazing event that you guys don't want to miss! We also share stories about past events and all the good memories we have togetherتوسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
This week, the Happy Hour team talks with Dominick Trascritti President of HGMS South and he is talking all about all the fun that is going on this weekend at Hurricon 2022 at Wyndham Orlando Resort and Conference center. You guys don't want to miss this amazing event and tell them Happy Hour sent you!…
Happy hour fans! This week we talk about some interesting new shows, talk about why we do not have nerd dating show and the question everyone wants to answer: what would you do with forget you money?Tell us fans, what would you do if you had forget you money?توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
This week on the Happy Hour, we talk about The Ocho! This is a fun and interesting show on ESPN that you guys will for sure want to check out. This show features some less than popular sports including pizza dough tossing and free-style cliff diving. We also bring you some new food adventures so wake up your taste buds because Happy Hour starts now…
Happy hours fans get ready for an All Out episode. This week we talk about our thoughts on the retirement that shocked the wrestling world, we touch a little on Forbidden Door, and our must see and thoughts on the upcoming AEW All Out PPV.Tell us your thoughts on what you think is going to happen this weekend on All Out.…
July was quite a month here for the Happy Hour team. We had a fair share of sickness, busy times and just straight shenanigans. This week we talked about what happened during the month that kept us away and jump into some of the things that helped get us through the month.توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Happy hour is here and recharged! We had a great summer break and we hope everyone else did too. This episode Kyle tells us all about his great trip to Sandals in Jamaica and all the fun times by the pool! We also introduce and cool opening segment trying different beers so tell us some of your favorites below!…
This week is a fun one! We talk about everything including getting back into role-playing games and Ariel talks about her Dungeon Master experience over the last few years, we get into the exciting new AEW video games and touch a little of what is becoming of E3. Don't miss out on all the fun!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
This week Ariel and her husband talk about their Megacon Orlando experience. We talk about all the fun stuff and also all the crazy chaos that came with the parking situation and the insane crowds they ran into on Saturday, and the amount of Funko Pops they brought home.توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
This episode we talk about sunglasses! We are in the Sunny state so these are a must! We touch on just how blind Ariel is, Kyle has new fun shaving box that we love! We also end the show with a fun lego gift for Kyle that we were so excited to share!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
The Happy Hour team has been busy! Listen to our adventures at free comic book day, thunder championship wrestling and checking out Arcade 80s! We love visiting our local stores and getting our hands on some fun merchandise!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
In this special episode, Kyle and Ariel sit down with the new HMGS South President Dominick Trascritti! We talk about Recon 2022 and what HGMS South is all about. If you are interested in what they do and what they have planned, make sure to check them out!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
This week we have a special guest! Ariel's husband Alex joins us this week as we all test the Hard Mountain Dew and give our honest opinions. Ariel shares her recent wisdom experience and Kyle shares his pizza experience!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
We are back and refreshed and here to tell you all about the fun things we have been up to! We talk about our time at SYFI Bartow, Thunder Championship wrestling and AEW Revolution! Listen to our favorite moments and highlights!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
A new year brings new goals and this episode we talk about what we are doing to improve our lives for this year from social media breaks, goals for our personal health and more! We dive into some new shows we are watching and more!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
Happy Hour Podccast is back! After a year long Hiatus, we are back and ready! Come listen to what we have been up to, what we did in Quarantine, and a few special announces. Find out where to catch us at this years Syfy Bartow!توسط Happy Hour with Ariel and Duce
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