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What epic Haunted Mansion swag do you have? Dan and Dallin show off some of their cool Haunted Mansion stuff and then check out all the sweet Mansion Halloween 2022 merch on the shelves now!توسط Disney Dan & Offhand Disney
The boys are officially live and have so much to catch up on. What is going on with Jared Leto? What is the deal with Space Gods in EPCOT? Did you know how much we love bubble wrap? Lets find out.توسط Disney Dan & Offhand Disney
Let's just all agree that Dan and Dallin shouldn't be planning any massive resorts any time soon, good? Good. This episode we go through plans, details, food, and even some entertainment for the brand new upcoming Haunted Mansion Resort!توسط Disney Dan & Offhand Disney
Just like the Haunted Mansion, sometimes it takes two tries to get the feel right... so welcome to Season 2 with an all new look! The boys begin the new season by asking each other some Haunted Mansion fan questions!توسط Disney Dan & Offhand Disney
What happens when you try to talk about random Haunted Mansion myths? You end up barely talking about one. Buckle up. (Watch this on youtube now: for all the visuals!)توسط Disney Dan & Offhand Disney
With two #HauntedMansion origins down, it's time to set sail across the sea to France, to explore the #PhantomManor in Disneyland Paris! Have a laugh with Offhand Disney & Disney Dan!توسط Disney Dan & Offhand Disney
Time to jump forward to the 70s, and we've booked a ticket to the brand new Walt Disney World to explore what makes this new brick mansion unique and sets it apart from it's Disneyland Origins.توسط Disney Dan & Offhand Disney
Dallin recounts the early years of the Haunted Mansion, when it was nothing more than a vision in Walt's head for his Mickey Mouse Park, and how it found it's footing in modern Disney lore!توسط Disney Dan & Offhand Disney
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