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Elevation Church STL

Elevation Church STL

Pastor Daniel Taylor

Welcome to the weekly podcast of Elevation Church STL, where our mission is to take you HIGHER: in your relationship with God, in your relationships with others, and in your service in the world. Find more information at elevationSTL.com, or download the Elevation Church STL App. The weekly podcast of Elevation Church, led by Pastor Daniel Taylor.
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Pastor Az shares the powerful story of Jehovah Jireh mentioned in the scriptures. He unpacks 3 biblical principals needed for all of us to see Jehovah Jireh show up in our lives. 1. We need to understand that God still speaks and that we can listen. 2. We have to learn to trust God's voice 3. We need to be Obedient to his voice no matter what, even…
Pastor Az Hamilton has a look at the title for the Hebrew God "Jehovah Elohim" The name given by the Hebrew people to define their living God. The name often sends shivers down the spines of their enemies and for good reason. Jehovah Elohim is all powerful, strong and mighty. The name eludes to his power in the creation story in Genesis 1:1 and thr…
Az Hamilton kicks of a new series having a look at the different names given to God through the scriptures. This week he unpacks Jehovah Shalom (God is our Peace) What happens when you fall out of Peace? How do we get that Peace back when it seems lost? Az explores that God's peace far surpasses what the world can offer and that it's available to a…
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