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Caren Kulver interviews Maarten Prak, Professor of Social and Economic History at Utrecht University. They discuss his book Citizens without Nations, in which Maarten discusses how urban citizenship functioned in medieval and early modern Europe.توسط CEU Medieval Radio
PhD Student David Rockwell interviews Jonathan Cohen, cellist and conductor; founder of the British early music ensemble Arcangelo. Jonathan is a specialist in early modern music and period instruments, and talks about his challenges and problems.توسط CEU Medieval Radio
Karen Culver interviews Daniel Knox, advanced PhD student at the CEU Medieval Studies Department, who talks about his research concerning Late Antique conflict and coalition formation during the Laurentian Schism at the end of the 5th century.توسط CEU Medieval Radio
David Rockwell, 3rd year PhD student at the CEU Medieval Studies Department talks about his research concerning Late Antique commerce and lobbying. The interview is conducted by CEU Cultural Heritage Studies alumna Karen Culver.توسط CEU Medieval Radio
New Faces - New Ideas: introducing a new series by CEU Medieval Radio, focusing on CEU's own PhD students' research, hopes and dreams. The first episode features Anna Kinde, a third year doctoral student whose research focuses on late medieval cathedrals.توسط CEU Medieval Radio
‘Szádvár Castle – its Foes and its Friends’ is a documentary of the medieval Szádvár Castle in the north of Hungary and The Friends of Szádvár, a brilliant group of volunteers who were founded to save Szádvár Castle from being forgotten.توسط CEU Medieval Radio
This episode features Dr. Géza Kállay, a professor at the School of English and American Studies at the ELTE University in Budapest, a visiting professor at the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, and at the University of California in Santa Cruz.توسط CEU Medieval Radio
In this episode of Past Perfect! Christopher Mielke discusses with Dr. Cristian-Nicolae Gaspar the way in which Classical Antiquity is generally perceived, sexuality in ancient times and a recent translation of one of Saint Adalbert's Vitae.توسط CEU Medieval Radio
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