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We invite you to consider a new life in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. The many changed lives at Congregation Yeshuat Tsion are evidence of the working of G-d's Spirit in the hearts of His people. It is our desire to have you join us and share in creating a community of believers in Yeshua ha Mashiach."Yeshuat Tsion" means both "salvation from Zion" and "salvation to Zion." That encapsulates our vision. We are committed to conveying that salvation for mankind has come from Zion (Israel).
Hello and Welcome to Greatness! I am Yeshua Yael, your Next Level Catalyst. I help and teach entrepreneurs, creators, businesses, and their teams how to better MARKET, ADVERTISE, MAKE MONEY, RINSE & REPEAT, by harnessing my M.A.M.RE Strategy, which has brought massive change to over 100,000 lives worldwide over the last decade. Listen as I Unlock GREATNESS IN YOU!
Jesus talked about the church very few times in the New Testament. He seemed much more interested in the Kingdom of God. Righteousness Peace Joy The kingdom of God is in you. How do we make that manifest and be something real and tangible that affects our life. A podcast for people who were let down by religious institutions, but long to know God. You are seen. There's a lot of insincerity in the modern Christian environment. But God tailor fit the gospel to humanity, so we can wear it well ...
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