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Hi! My name is Kasey Smith, the person behind #WrestlerStrong. I fell in love with wrestling when I tried to wrestle in school. My favorite wrestlers are: Helen Maroulis Jordan Burroughs, Adeline Gray, and my good friend Lily Mills (2-time UIL State qualifier qualifier and state finalist at 185 and 215 lbs.) For more, follow @wrestlerstrong2017 and @wrestlerstrongnetwork. For podcast updates, follow @wspod2021. Welcome to WrestlerStrong !!
Join Marcus Hoehn as he travels across the country to meet up and chat with interesting personalities in the wrestling community. You will feel like you are right there with them as they tell stories and share insights on life, wrestling, fatherhood, and much more. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/marcushoehn/support
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Episode 29! FINALLY! This week, Connor and Eric are joined by Alex Small from the podcasts "Not Safe for Network" and "A Cosmic Void". They break down the surprisingly enjoyable film "Skyscraper". We got fake legs! We got Rocky getting creative with duct tape! WE GOT A WINNER! Find out who the better wrestleactor is today! https://podcastrepublic.n…
Episode 28! This week Connor and Eric break down all 12 Rounds of the movie 12 Rounds. We got Cena breeding the world's most dominant pug! We got lots of running and shifting gears! We got Little Finger before he was Little Finger! You don't want to miss out on this one.توسط notsafefornetwork@gmail.com (NOT SAFE FOR netWORK)
Episode 27! This week Connor and Eric are breaking down the Michael Bay film Pain and Gain! We got an absolutely insane true story! We got lots of muscles! We got lots of coked out Rocky! The Rock loses a toe! IT'S WILD! This one is fun.توسط notsafefornetwork@gmail.com (NOT SAFE FOR netWORK)
Episode 26! This week Connor and Eric are tearing apart the John Cena vehicle (pun intended) BUMBLEBEE! We go big ole' robots using Morrisey to talk! We got a surprising run time! We got Cena acting with tennis balls (probably)! This episode has something for everyone, EVEN YOU!!!توسط notsafefornetwork@gmail.com (NOT SAFE FOR netWORK)
Episode 25! This week Connor and Eric reminisce on the classic Rock film, Gridiron Gang. We got The Rock and Exhibit tugging at our heartstrings! We got montages showing a football team growing together! We got some true emotional depth! This is a good flick, and in turn this is a good episode! Check it out! After you listen to this episode, head o…
Episode 24! This week Connor and Eric learn a thing or two about the building blocks of a great wrestler. HUSTLE. LOYALTY. RESPECT. We got catfish farms! We go Okees from Muskogees! We got the ghost of Danny Glover. This one is real fun.توسط notsafefornetwork@gmail.com (NOT SAFE FOR netWORK)
Episode 23! This week Connor and Eric have a lot of fun talking about the John Cena flick "Blockers". We got Cena being surprisingly funny! We got teens getting into a lot of questionable situations! We got way to much talk about candy! We see which Mitch is pretty friggin' rich! Have a listen!توسط notsafefornetwork@gmail.com (NOT SAFE FOR netWORK)
Season 3! We're back y'all! Connor joins me this season to determine once and for all who the superior wrestler actor is: The Rock or John Cena. Matchup #1 begins with the Paige origin story, Fighting with My Family. We got Nick Frost! We Cercei Lannister! We got The Rock playing...The Rock! It's a good time.…
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