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In this episode we pull out our dic-I mean notepads and read out some of the comedy ideas we wrote down (possibly while inebriated) that never made it to the stage. These are just random lines, thoughts, words and scribbles which never quite make it into full Stand Up bits on stage but are weird and funny in their own way and sound insane when read…
This week we're live from Pööning with the one and only, the legend of lasna, Karl Alari Varma. We discuss Karls incredible life and how he came to be the man he is today. Its all a bit dark and all very hilarious.توسط Tim Reidy and Louis Zezeran
In this episode we present to you the Comedy Roast of Stewart Johnson. We pay tribute to one of the founding members of comedy estonia in the best way us comedians know, by taking the piss out of him and everyone else for an hour.توسط Tim Reidy and Louis Zezeran
On this episode we talk about the January baltic tour that featured Peter Berner and Dylan Gott. We touch on such things as Louis' KFC addiction, Karl's stare down with a vagrant in Fasters and whatever other adventures our intrepid comedians found themselves in.توسط Tim Reidy and Louis Zezeran
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