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show series Do you have a daughter who feels more like a boy than a girl and wants to have a sex change? Or do you maybe have a son who came home from college last Thanksgiving and shared the news over the turkey dinner: “Mom, Dad, I’m gay”? If you are a parent who is facing or has faced one of these difficult and very modern situa… Are you a woman who has been emotionally or physically battered by the important man or men in your life? Are you, perhaps, a father who knows that he is overly critical of his daughter, but just can’t help himself? Our guest in this episode offers direction and encouragement for women who have been mistreated by men an… Do you have a love/hate relationship with food? Are you looking for a way to apply Christian principles to help improve your relationship with food? Whether you binge only on occasion or have a full-blown eating disorder where you binge and/or purge regularly, today’s guest can help you. Emily Boller has not only recove… Do you suffer from brain fog, attention-deficit disorder, anxiety, or depression? Or have you been diagnosed with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, or Type II Diabetes? Do you want relief from one or more of these problems, but don’t want to take drugs or have surgery? Our guest in this episode, Joel Fuhrman, MD, wi… Looking for advice on Catholic dating? Our guest in this episode is Fr. Thomas Morrow, leading expert on Christian dating & marriage preparation and author of several books, including Christian Courtship in An Oversexed World (now titled Christian Dating in A Godless World). In this episode, Fr. Morrow addresses the fol… Looking for advice on Catholic dating? Our guest in this episode is Anthony Buono, the founder of and creator/author of a video series and several books on Christian dating and marriage preparation. In this episode, Anthony Buono addresses the following: Is The Road to Cana video series a good comple… Looking for advice on chastity from a Catholic perspective regardless of your state of life? In this episode, top Theology of the Body evangelist, Christopher West, explains how an improper view of Catholic teaching on human sexuality can elicit rebellious reactivity, whereas understanding Pope St. John Paul II’s Theolo… Looking for Catholic dating and courtship advice for you or your children? Interested in the connection between St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and Christian dating? In this episode, Dave Sloan explains how we can date fearlessly when guided by the wisdom of the Theology of the Body. At the start … In this inaugural episode of The Healing and Peace Show with Thomas Schmierer, LMFT, Thomas explains: • What the purpose of the show is • Who the show is for • What his qualifications are Food for your intellect. Strength for your spirit. Balm for your heart. The Healing and Peace Show wi…
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