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And now.. The podcast you have all been desperately not waiting for. Do you want to know the opinions of a couple of random idiot rednecks? NO? GOOD! TURN AWAY. THURNGH A WEIGH. Do you like sports, movies, tv, guns, Trump, Not Trump, Tacos, music, magic the gathering, Jesus, tobacco, beer, iPhones, women, some men in a strictly platonic way, movie reviews, Alex Young, or hats? If you like at least one of these topics.. Then this podcast IS for you. enjoy.
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Get ready to laugh, openly weep, debate yourself, debate Devon, eat tomatoes, play Wordle, and possibly let a loved one die. The boys are back on an adventure, full of moral quandaries, dilemmas, and the sweet scripture of the O' holy bible. Fill your ears with bullshit. You will be pleased.توسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
Merry Chrimbys, Christmas of champions. The clown god was fueling us on this one. Partake in the O' holy glory of the boys being back in action for a season. A season of love and reasoning. A season of blessings and full throbbing constitutes. The festivities have begun.. Enjoy ;)توسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
The boys are back at it with a cover song and a deep dive into some randomness. We jump into previous employment, deep sea creatures, movies, Brian Peppers (please for the love of god google brian peppers) and a few other goodies. May the clown god bless you and yours. Enjoy!توسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
The boys are back with another review session! In this episode we take on "The Last Jedi", the much maligned addition to the sequel trilogy. WE ALSO talk about the usual random sh!t and go off the rails with some NBA playoffs analysis and predictions. Enjoy!!توسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
The boys are at it again! We discuss the revolution of our society as we slowly take it back from our capitalist overlords. Come and join us as we drive down the road less travelled. Take in all of the beauty. May the Clown God bless all of us!توسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
Welcome back y'all! The boys hit the studio and cranked out a banger. We talk about stupid a$$ covid vaccine conspiracies, a robot ran utopia, Neuralink, Crypto currencies, collectible cards and many more wonderful topics. Enjoy at your own risk and may the 4th be with you ;)توسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
This week the guys tackle The Dark Knight in their new segment "Purgy's Sh*tty Hot Takes" and ask the question, "How many clowns is too many?" What's YOUR clown tolerance?? Sit back and strap in for another (ugh!) episode of the Overwhelmed and Underproduced Podcast. We love you all.توسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
Come on in for another session of inane ramblings from your favorite north Georgia functioning alcoholics. Purgy joins us once again and we talk about movies, the MCU, going to Mars, what we would pay for sexual acts, and nihilism. Strap on folks, its a doozie. Follow Purgy on social media @aandgtrivia…
Purgy joins us once again for another fun filled adventure. Join us as we slam cheap beer and talk about superhero movies. Then we go into a deep dive on the current Gamestop phenomenon. Nothing we say is financial advice (we are idiots,) invest at your own risk. Follow @AandGproductions on social media!…
Come on in folks, stay awhile, and listen. The saga of Treetop Larry begins, and we have Purgy on again to talk about random things. Purgy is the owner of A&G Productions, the greatest entertainment company in the world.توسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
Its been a while folks! This long-winded beauty of a podcast should be the first of many more with our good friend and special guest Purgy. We dabble in the topics of underrated films, the art of trivia and a deep rant about advertising. Purgy is the owner of the wildly entertaining (sometimes dirty) A&G Productions. Show him some love and follow h…
Welcome back. We've come out of hibernation to spin you some yarns. Listen in for such amazing topics as simps, spoodles, wankstas, dick pics, and lifting. Smoogle loves workout guys who squirt on the pop filter. Squawmp squawmp squawmpتوسط Overwhelmed and Underproduced
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