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Inspiring interviews with exciting people involved in the rapidly growing sport of OCR or obstacle course racing. Interviews with event founders, elite and normal OCR athletes, mud run fanatics, obstacle course racing businesses. Podcasts cover gear review, training, and nutrition, events, obstacles and courses and all things related to OCR or mud running and how to enjoy this dirty sport.
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Luke Tyburski completed the 2000km triathlon which went from Morocco to Monaco. We also discuss his battle with depresseion and how he manages this on a daily basis.
Luke Tyburski is a public speaker, personal coach and endurance/adventure athlete who puts himself through amazing challenges. He also openly talks about depression and how it affects his life.
Learn more about signals officer for the fan dance events and how you can take part when doig the event. Find out how to communicate with ISS using a small handheld radio.
Tim Noakes is well known for his low carb high fat and research work in sports science. He is the author of the well known publications like waterlogged and wrote the scientific part of Real Meal Revolution cooking book
Jon Albon has proven his capability as a phenomenal OCR racer and has setup a training site with 2 other world class athletes to help other racers improve. Find out more about UK's champiion OCR athlete
Muddy Duck has been a driving orce behind a lot of OCR recently and has created a brilliant supportive facebook group and is bringing fantastic things to OCR
Rickardo started out as a complete newbie and has jumped headfirst into the beast of most OCR events which was winter Tough Guy. He has gone on to do a number of other events. Find out more from this OCR photobomber
Mark is a huge OCR fan and also a regular eventer but stand up and MC's at events whenever he can. You will see him at as many events you can. He is also a rep for OCRWC and OCR Racing Association.
Ozz is a former SAS soldier and works with Ken Jones the creator of Fan Dance SAS event which is run in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. The sister event in Australia is going to be just as challenging to test anyone who feels up to the task.
Darren Welsh completed the grueling Marathon Des Sables event with a groin strain injury. His final position was in the top 25% of finishers which is a impressive accomplishment
Darren Welsh is participating in the multi marathon challenge running across the Sahara desert carrying his own food and survival kit for 6 days. Find out more about his preperation for this challenging event
Hypothermia can range from mild to moderate and for sever require hospitilisation. Find out how it affects the body.Learn more about hypothermia and how it effects the body and the tips and trick for treating it effectively and how to prevent it.
Today's interview is with wildforest gym creator and obstacle athlete trainer Michael Cohen. Micheal's story is inspirational as he gives us uniques insight into his background and how he got to where he is and why he is considered one of the UK's formeost OCR trainers.He covers all aspects of functional training, effective and technical obstacle t…
Joe Perry is a serial tough mudder runner with 60 laps completed so far. He also has a habit of painting his face for every event and has come out with some awesome art work. He loves inspiring other people to get involved in the crazy sport of mud running and OCR. He is a tough determined eventer.As obstacle course racer's go Joe Perry is a serial…
Learn more about James and how he got into obstacle course racing by entering Tough Guy and how this event changed his life. He is also a photographer specialising in volcanoes and also does wedding and event photography. Find out more about this fast picture genius and OCR addict.
Find out more about Obstacle Race Magazine and how Carl got involved in obstacle course racing and how he is living his dream of being a magazine editor of this growing addictive sport. We also discuss a OCR bucket list
Find more how one of the growing female members of the ocr community changed her life with obstacle course racing and how she was invited to become part of the obstacle kit race team.
Obstacle course racing podcast about Toughest co-founder Adam Feldt and his path into OCR.We talk about OCR world championships, His obstacles and Toughest Ice event he is putting on. Toughest is showing UK and US events how to put on a impressive show and that the Nordic countries can come up with unique and challenging events.…
Learn about Thomas Blanc the French born obstacle course athlete who is a multi Spartan winner and assistant coach to Michael Cohen at wildforest gym. He is also being trained by Michael. Under his direction Thomas has gone from strength to strength.
Tim started out doing ocr as a challenge, he then decided to look into equipment and started his own business selling and testing ocr gear. He also has a ocr team to help spread the word about ocr and obstacle kit gear
Pete Reese is the founder of the OCR phenomenon mudstacle. Find out how he got started in obstacle course racing and the service he is providing to the ocr community with the mudstacle site luke the forum, mudstacle league and the mudsacle annual insurance package.
This interview is with The Beard co founder of Dirtydozenraces and obsessive obstacle builder and event creator. Find out what makes The Beard tick and how he got into obstacle course events.
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