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The Macro Trading Floor

The Macro Trading Floor

Alfonso Peccatiello & Andreas Steno Larsen | Blockworks

Every week, one of the best worldwide macro investors joins this unique show to talk about the economy, markets and elaborate the next big actionable macro trade! The show is hosted by two young and institutionally successful European macro stars: Alfonso Peccatiello (former Head of a $20bn Investment Portfolio at ING) and Andreas Steno Larsen (former Chief Strategist at Nordea).
財經M平方匯集總經數據並即時更新,秉持著「重視基本面」以及「為自己的投資負責」的兩項初衷,將關鍵的數據轉化為友善的圖表,協助大家創立屬於自己的投資地圖;並希望透過 Podcast 管道,提供所有關注總經趨勢的聽眾更即時的資訊與觀點! 官網連結: 【聯繫我們】贊助推廣合作歡迎來信 -- Hosting provided by SoundOn
Ever get the feeling that your government is out to get you? They are, and we set about to uncover the century's long plan for world domination by the psychopaths that are running the planet. We laugh at how insane it all is and interview prominent guests that might have ideas on how to foil their plans on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson.
A podcast about technology and political economy /// Agitprop against innovation and capital /// Hosted by Jathan Sadowski and Edward Ongweso Jr., Produced by Jereme Brown /// Hello friends and enemies Listen anywhere that fine podcasts are distributed. Subscribe at to get premium episodes every week.
The Greatness Machine is on a Quest to Maximize the Human Experience! Join Award Winning CEO and Author, Darius Mirshahzadeh (pron. Mer-shaw-za-day), as he interviews some of the greatest minds in the world―turning their wisdom and experience into learnings and advice you can use in your life so that you can level up and create greatness. Join Darius as he goes deep with guests like: Gabby Reece, Amanda Knox, Former FBI Negotiator Chris Voss, Jordan Harbinger, Former Spy and CIA Agent Andrew ...
Macro N Cheese

Macro N Cheese

Steve D Grumbine MS, MBA, PMP, PSM1, ITIL

Macroeconomics has never been so ... delish! Macro and Cheese explores the progressive movement through the lens of Modern Monetary Theory, with hot and irreverent political takes, spotlights in activism, and the razor sharp musings of Real Progressives Founder and host Steve Grumbine. The cheese will flow as experts come in for a full, four course deep dive into the hot queso. Comfort Food for Thought!
Making artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone. Practical AI is a show in which technology professionals, business people, students, enthusiasts, and expert guests engage in lively discussions about Artificial Intelligence and related topics (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, GANs, MLOps, AIOps, and more). The focus is on productive implementations and real-world scenarios that are accessible to everyone. If you want to keep up with the lates ...
Macro Minutes

Macro Minutes

RBC Capital Markets

Macro Minutes - RBC Capital Markets macro and market strategy series – explores the latest financial market and economic developments. Listen today to hear high conviction insights from RBC’s desk strategists and research analysts.
Comece a semana por dentro dos fatos que movem a economia no Brasil e no mundo. Toda segunda-feira, a equipe econômica do C6 Bank traz para você uma análise dos principais acontecimentos e indicadores que mais importam para a economia. Informação de qualidade para quem quer compreender o mundo à sua volta e refletir sobre macroeconomia e investimentos.
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way businesses operate and people live. The TWIML AI Podcast brings the top minds and ideas from the world of ML and AI to a broad and influential community of ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers and tech-savvy business and IT leaders. Hosted by Sam Charrington, a sought after industry analyst, speaker, commentator and thought leader. Technologies covered include machine learning, artificial intelligence, de ...
Host Jennifer Strong thoughtfully examines the far-reaching impact of artificial intelligence on our daily lives. Produced by MIT Technology Review, the podcast explores the rise of AI through the voices of people reckoning with the power of the technology, and by taking listeners up close with the inventors and founders whose ambitions are fueling the development of new forms of AI.
Join the MacRumors team for discussion about all of the latest news and rumors from the world of Apple. Whether you’re wondering what’s next for the iPhone, looking for insights into the rumor mill, or just have an interest in the latest gadgets, we’ll be bringing you everything you need to know about the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more.
Macronomics is your source for bringing the macro events of today and digesting them down to the micro. This is primarily through the lens of investing and trading. We are not speaking theoretically here, We are speaking from experience. Lets bring the macro of the environment down to the micro so that we can piece everything together!
The Green Machíne Podcast, your Irish football news and nostalgia hosted by David Dunne with Nick Menezes and Martin Pendergast. Bringing you everything Irish football including weekly updates, retro throwbacks and special guests. Be sure to follow the Green Machíne Socials below! Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
Welcome! The team at MLST is inspired by academic research and each week we engage in dynamic discussion with pre-eminent figures in the AI field. Our flagship show covers current affairs in AI with in-depth analysis. Our approach is unrivalled in terms of scope and rigour – we believe in intellectual diversity in AI, and we touch on all of the main ideas in the field without succumbing to hype. MLST is run by Tim Scarfe, Ph.D (
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Jake Peavy joins Murph and Mac ahead of his induction into the Padres Hall of Fame and reflects on his time with the Giants. See for privacy information.توسط Cumulus Media San Francisco
Apple has announced dates and details for WWDC 2023. TMO Managing Editor Jeff Butts joins Ken to talk over the remoteness of the conference and what the world can expect. Plus – Glitches with Apple Pay and (maybe) Apple Podcasts. AND – Ken and Jeff give first impressions of Apple Music Classical. Apple Announces Remote WWDC 2023 TMO Looks at WWDC23…
In this episode, we will discuss Apple’s introduction of ‘Apple Pay Later’ on Tuesday, March 28 to allow consumers to pay for purchases over time. Apple Pay users can now split purchases into four payments with zero interest and no fees. If you are looking for a way to afford a new computer listen to the podcast as ‘Apple Pay Later’ may be the way …
Mac & Joe are back and Mac gives his thoughts on Everything, Everywhere All At Once & John Wick : Chapter 4. Joe ranks his favorite John Williams score and Mac ranks the MCU's Phase 4. Victoria Alonso is leaving there bigger trouble underneath the surface for Disney? Hyperspace Mountain is coming back to Disneyland & Mickey's Toontown i…
Cliff Newman: Survived first SOG HALO combat jump into Laos in the rain. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:توسط John Stryker Meyer
Season 17, Episode 7 (#406) On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and special guest Jeff Gamet share some favorite tips and tackle listener questions covering Siri on the Mac’s menu bar, sharing photos with family while traveling, checking your network quality via the terminal, network interface priority, quickly accessing settings in Ventura,…
Between news apps, delivery services, task managers, emails and communication tools, our devices receive an untold number of notifications daily. This week, David and Stephen talk about how to push back against the wave of interruptions that threaten our focus and work. This episode of Mac Power Users is sponsored by: 1Password: Never forget a pass…
Segunda parte sobre Moom. Continuación del capítulo anterior, 441. Al ser un capítulo premium lo que vas a ver a continuación es tan sólo un trailer. Para acceder a este y muchos otros más puedes probar GRATIS "Mac para Todos" durante dos días desde:
This week Alan, Steve, and Karl are back to discuss the week’s Apple and tech-related news. iOS16.4 RC is here, so hopefully next week the release versions will be available. UK phones are about to get an emergency test. Someone created an A.I. Steve Jobs. Apple TV+ gets 15 BAFTA nominations. Apple Music has an odd bug and Microsoft might be planni…
Chris Russo tells Murph and Mac why he thinks the new MLB rule changes will help baseball's attendance problem. See for privacy information.توسط Cumulus Media San Francisco
Tijdens het bezoek van de Chinese president Xi Jinping aan de Russische president Vladimir Poetin is er ook gesproken over het toenemende gebruik van de Chinese yuan. Volgens macro-econoom Edin Mujagic hebben beide landen nieuwe afspraken gemaakt om samen minder afhankelijk te worden van de Amerikaanse dollar. En die afspraken zijn niet alleen gema…
We are joined by Abeba Birhane — Senior Fellow in Trustworthy AI at the Mozilla Foundation — for a critical discussion about the release of GPT-4 and OpenAI. We also get into the excellent work that Abeba and colleagues have done mapping the specific values encoded into, and the surveillance pipeline that influences, the vast majority of AI/ML rese…
On today's episode the guys take a deep dive into the Brand Davidians cult and how David Koresh brainwashed everyone. (00:03:00) Hoop Dreams(00:13:30) Bar fights (00:41:38) Tik Tok Ban(01:14:31) Waco(02:26:27) Mammoth meatballs You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon …
Ernie Johnson tells Murph and Mac why the Warriors are still a big threat to win the NBA Finals and previews the Final Four. See for privacy information.توسط Cumulus Media San Francisco
Buster Posey joins Murph and Mac to explain why he wishes he could have played with the new rule changes and discusses how Joey Bart will fit in with the Giants going forward. See for privacy information.توسط Cumulus Media San Francisco
MacroVoices Erik Townsend welcomes Dr. Pippa Malmgren to the show to discuss the escalating geopolitical situation, including Pippa’s views that the Pentagon played a role in orchestrating the Silicon Valley Bank bailout to protect defense technology interests, and that China rather than Russia has been the principal aggressor from the beginning of…
Why are some people better at certain things than others? There are many factors that can contribute to why some individuals are naturally better at certain things than others. These factors can include genetics, environmental influences, upbringing, education, and life experiences. When you become good at something, you start to see the nuances of…
Apple’s making it harder for non-developers to get developer betas of its latest software. TMO writer Nick deCourville joins Ken with the story. Plus – Ken is worried that changes in Apple Podcasts are reducing independent podcast discoverability. He mixes up the terms “network” and “channels,” though the questions are still sound. Apple Cracks Dow…
On this week’s Macrodose, James Meadway breaks down the economics behind the current strikes in France (0:52), the Deutsche Bank share price crash amidst speculation it is hiding losses (6:30) and “shrinkflation” - how the current crisis is affecting the size of your Mars Bar (9:12).
We're so excited this episode has been selected as a New York Festivals finalist! Please enjoy this encore edition and we'll see you back next week! Digital twins of humans capture the physical look and expressions of real humans. Increasingly these replicas are showing up in the entertainment industry and beyond and it gives rise to some interesti…
近期最火熱的話題非 Chat GPT 莫屬,這波更新浪潮也讓數位前景與科技投資討論度順勢攀升。 我們該如何看待經濟、科技循環目前走到哪裡?又有哪些數位設施支撐著經濟成長? 本集節目我們邀請宏利投信投資策略部副總鄧盛銘 Jack 與研究經理 Ryan 對談,解析未來科技趨勢的動能與投資機會。 📌 什麼是生產力循環? 📌 科技生產力循環與新趨勢 📌 全球數位基礎設施的投入 📌 數位科技長線投資機會與配置 【以下是贊助訊息】 升息、通膨、景氣疑慮… 想投資科技,現在是進場時機或是還要觀望考慮? 其實,投資科技,不只有一種方式,數位基礎設施,既是數位發展根基,又有長期需求支撐價值及擁有收益,是波動環境下的最新優選 👉了解更多 Go>>…
The plan for world domination is not a new one, the idea has been in existence for thousands of years. But it wasn’t until the late 1800s that people in positions of power within the British Empire, through the use of improved and newly created technology, were able to actually formulate a plan that would put in motion the push for world conquest. …
The banking world hopes to continue its upward trend after last week’s crisis. Plus -- there’s a new buyer for a good chunk of assets from the failed Silicon Valley Bank – and at quite a discount. And have you ever heard of “cash stuffing”? It’s an old-school strategy making one woman hundreds of thousands of dollars. Join Lee, Eli, and Matt for th…
Marcus Thompson tells Murph and Mac why Jordan Poole is still essential to the Warriors success despite the recent criticisms he has received. See for privacy information.توسط Cumulus Media San Francisco
Daniel Jeremiah tells Murph and Mac why the Tennessee Titans might be a dark horse landing spot for Lamar Jackson. See for privacy information.توسط Cumulus Media San Francisco
We are seeing an explosion of AI apps that are (at their core) a thin UI on top of calls to OpenAI generative models. What risks are associated with this sort of approach to AI integration, and is explainability and accountability something that can be achieved in chat-based assistants? Beth Rudden of has been thinking about this topic for …
Duane Kuiper reflects on being inducted into the Giants Community Fund Hall of Fame and breaks down Sergio Romo's last appearance in a Giants uniform with Murph and Mac. See for privacy information.توسط Cumulus Media San Francisco
UConn men's basketball star and Northern California native Joey Calcaterra tells Murph and Mac the story of his journey from Marin Catholic to the Final Four. See for privacy information.توسط Cumulus Media San Francisco
In deze jaarlijkse week van het geld, vraagt macro-econoom Edin Mujagic aandacht voor geldgroei. 'De stelregel is: wanneer de geldhoeveelheid harder groeit dan de reële economie, dan is er te veel geld in omloop.' De afgelopen maand laat een geldgroei van 2,9 procent zien in de eurozone, het laagste percentage sinds de invoer van de euro in 1999. D…
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