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Romans, poèmes, théâtre, discours : les bibliothécaires du Havre sont allés à la rencontre des Havrais et leur ont proposé de lire à voix haute un extrait de leur choix et de l’enregistrer à la radio. Un projet ouvert à tous, petits et grands à partir de 7 ans.
Havre Immanuel

Havre Immanuel

Chris and Kyle

Immanuel means "God with us." And we also invite you to be with us for every episode of the official podcast of Havre Immanuel Church. Jesus said, “No one is good except God alone." At Immanuel we take this to heart and seek to grow authentic relationships with each other, learning, loving and following Jesus.
Havregründerne søker å gi aspirerende entreprenører en informasjonskanal der de kan få innsikt i hva som kreves for å starte, drive og vokse en bedrift ved å lytte til gründerhistorier. Havregründerne er en podcast produsert av ESAF. ESAF er et alumni-nettverk og en av verdens største foreninger for entreprenører, intraprenører, og forretningsutviklere. Alle i ESAF har det til felles at de har studert ved NTNUs Entreprenørskole (ES), også kjent som norges mest engasjerende masterprogram. ES ...
Avec l’Escale australienne, l’Australie s’invite au Havre ! Du 5 juin au 7 novembre 2021, la Ville du Havre s’immerge dans la vie et la culture australiennes avec l’évènement « Le Havre, escale australienne » : une programmation riche et variée pour découvrir cette île-continent et ses liens particuliers avec la ville du Havre.
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The second installment of our series on 'Churchey Words'. We are talking about "Sanctify". What does it mean when a thing is sanctified? How about a person? How do we sanctify our own lives? Does sanctification make you worthy of salvation? Chris and Kyle discuss on this episode. Support the showتوسط Chris and Kyle
It's one thing to have a conversation about holiness between adults, but can we have a worthwhile conversation with kids? On this episode, Chris and Kyle talk with Theodin and Isaiah about holiness - which leads into conversations about perseverance, scripture, values and grace. Support the showتوسط Chris and Kyle
"Churchey Words" are words we have inherited from tradition and Bible translation, but we would be hard pressed to explain them in relatable terms. One of those words is "Holy" Chris and Kyle explore what holiness means, and try to find a relatable way to explain the concept so even a child could understand. Support the show…
Ephesians 5:3 warns us that neither sexual immorality, nor impurity, nor greed should be mentioned in conjunction with those who call Jesus their savior. A quick look at church scandals over the last decades reveals we all need this instruction. What does purity look like? Why does God even care what happens in our bedrooms? How can we live in agre…
There are only a few titles given in scripture for church leadership, and over the last few millennia these terms have suffered no small amount of abuse, as everyone would like to claim their leadership structure is in agreement with scripture. Chris and Kyle discuss some of the struggles and how we have applied these scriptural titles at Havre Imm…
Church Unity could be considered the primary theme of the book of Ephesians. The church must display unity in Christ. And, as you can tell from all the bunny trails our discussions turn down, our commitment to unity effects every relationship in our lives. Support the showتوسط Chris and Kyle
There are many people with many designs to change the societies we live in. How should the Church engage? We discuss how social agendas are introduced to the church, the effects espousing social agendas can have on the body. Ultimately the Church is to witness to the gospel of Christ, and we should be cautious of getting distracted from our primary…
Our immediate response to pain is to avoid or anesthetize, but pain is a part of God's plan to bring us out of this fallen world and into His kingdom. We discuss pain, empathy, and how we as Christians should interact with our hurt, and the hurts of those around us. Support the showتوسط Chris and Kyle
Following Kyle's ordination interview and ceremony on Sunday, Chris and Kyle discuss the tradition of ordination. Usually thought of as a qualification conferred by denominations, we discuss the Biblical history, as well as our perspectives and experiences with this long standing tradition of believers. Support the show…
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