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Goldman Sachs’ Joe Wall of the Office of Government Affairs explains why small business owners’ sentiment has turned sharply negative as the pandemic continues and host Allison Nathan speaks with three business owners about their current experiences.توسط Goldman Sachs
As natural gas prices hit record highs in Europe and Asia, what does that mean for the broader commodity complex? Goldman Sachs Research’s Damien Courvalin explains the impact of rising prices on energy costs, inflation and economic growth.توسط Goldman Sachs
Hedge funds are turning to the private markets, bringing increasing competition to the space. Goldman Sachs’ Kristin Kramer and Freddie Parker explain the shift in public and private market dynamics and the implications for investors.توسط Goldman Sachs
As the Chinese government continues to carry out unprecedented regulatory tightening, what does the new environment mean for China’s growth and investment outlook? Goldman Sachs Research senior strategist and creator of the firm’s Top of Mind report, Allison Nathan, speaks with China watchers to better understand the motivations behind the governme…
Goldman Sachs’ Stephanie Hui, Basak Yavuz and Prakriti Sofat of the Asset Management Division describe the impact of China's heightened regulatory scrutiny on the capital markets and the implications for investors.توسط Goldman Sachs
How is the fast-spreading Delta variant affecting the outlook for reopening and economic growth? Goldman Sachs Research’s Terence Flynn and Daan Struyven break down the implications for vaccines, booster shots and the economy on Exchanges at Goldman Sachs.توسط Goldman Sachs
Can the record pace of M&A continue? Goldman Sachs’ Mark Sorrell and Stephan Feldgoise, co-heads of global M&A for the Investment Banking Division, discuss the outlook, drivers and structures of M&A activity on Exchanges at Goldman Sachs.توسط Goldman Sachs
With their unique structures, family offices are increasing their allocation to alternative investments and acting more like institutional investors, according to a new report from Goldman Sachs, Widening the Aperture: Family Office Investment Insights, which draws on a cross-divisional survey of more than 150 Goldman Sachs clients around the world…
Three leading voices in the “femtech” space—Ann Roberts of Flo Health, Lea von Bidder of Ava and Dr. Peter Kecskemethy of Kherion Medical—join Goldman Sachs’ Antonia Riera and Allison Nathan to discuss the convergence of technology and healthcare to advance women’s health.توسط Goldman Sachs
As companies look to reduce their carbon footprints, decarbonization strategies are taking center stage. Goldman Sachs’ John Greenwood and Cindy Quan discuss the efforts by corporations to reach their net-zero goals.توسط Goldman Sachs
Does President Biden’s economic agenda represent a new progressive era in the U.S.? Goldman Sachs Research’s Allison Nathan discusses how big of a shift in U.S. economic policy Bidenomics truly represents and the implications for the economy with David Brady, professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business; Jason Furman, professor at the Harv…
The economic outlook for Europe appears to be brightening, but how sustainable is the recovery? Goldman Sachs’ Allison Nathan speaks with Jari Stehn, chief European economist for Goldman Sachs Research, and Richard Privorotsky, manager of European Cash Equities trading in the Global Markets Group, on the prospects for the region’s long-term recover…
How did women entrepreneurs fare during the pandemic? Goldman Sachs’ Asahi Pompey, Global Head of Corporate Engagement, and Candice Tse, U.S. Head of Market Strategy in Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Strategic Advisory Solutions team, discuss the findings from a new report on this topic in Exchanges at Goldman Sachs.…
The industrials sector—historically comprised of mature businesses without as much need for near-term growth capital—has seen robust IPO activity so far in 2021, with no signs of slowing down. Matt McClure, co-head of the Investment Banking Division’s global industrials group, explains what’s driving the activity and how clients are thinking about …
Should cryptocurrencies be considered an institutional asset class? That’s the question Goldman Sachs’ Allison Nathan explores on this episode of Exchanges at Goldman Sachs in conversations with Galaxy Digital’s Michael Novogratz, NYU’s Nouriel Roubini and Goldman Sachs’ Mathew McDermott.توسط Goldman Sachs
Amid rising concerns over inflation, David Mericle of Goldman Sachs Research explains the big-picture risks to the economy, while Josh Schiffrin from the Global Markets Division looks at market implications on this episode of Exchanges at Goldman Sachs.توسط Goldman Sachs
How do companies identify new business opportunities? Goldman Sachs’ Tanya Baker and Hasan Malik, co-heads of the firm’s GS Accelerate program, and Daniel Kovenat, whose business idea was developed through the program, share their views on how to foster innovation.توسط Goldman Sachs
Jake Siewert, outgoing global head of corporate communications, reflects on how communications, media relations and the role of podcasts as a communications vehicle have changed since he joined the firm in 2012.توسط Goldman Sachs
In the wake of a court ruling backing same-sex marriages in Japan, Goldman Sachs’ Hiroki Inaba, Masakazu Yanagisawa and Akoko Koda discuss the evolution of gay rights in Japan and companies’ efforts to create more inclusive environments.توسط Goldman Sachs
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