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This week, Don and Eric meet to cover the Paddler's report where Eric talks about the results of the Minimalist Challenge, where to fish this weekend, a demo day at Massey's, and what spots are best right now.توسط Audacy
In the 2nd hour, Don and his guests reconvene to cover their areas' fishing reports and more, as well Don covers another Bad Boy of the Week as this edition hits close to home.توسط Audacy
This week, Don and Mitch talk about what reports they are hearing, how things are at the Delta Marina, a Chili cookoff benefitting Children's Hospital this weekend, and what the menu will look like for the coming months.توسط Audacy
In the 2nd hour, Don continues his search for what is everyone's favorite rod, reports from guests and field reporters about fishing this weekend, and another Bad Boy of the week story.توسط Audacy
Don talks to his field reporters about their favorite fishing rods, upcoming tournaments, how the duck and fishing season has faired so far in 2023 and, responds to texts from listeners all over.توسط Audacy
This week on the program, Don and his many field reporters cover the weekend's bad and rainy weather, how it will affect fishing and duck hunting as well as some fishing news developments as we push further into the late winter season.توسط Audacy
In the 2nd hour, Dubuc and guests discuss their fishing and hunting reports as we carry on into late winter, a look to see how the weather is affecting the spots and wildlife, and Don's case for this week's Bad Boy of the Week.توسط Audacy
This week, Don and his many field reporters get together to discuss the opening of the hunting split, some cooking adventures that Don has recently been on and much more.توسط Audacy
Don and his many field reporters reconvene to discuss the fishing reports for the first weekend of the year as the fish regroup in this winter weather, the "Wabbit" case that makes our Bad Boy of the Week and Strokin' Report, where to kayak, where to get a kayak and what to expect this weekend for fishing.…
Don and guests come back in the second hour to discuss their favorite trips and memories of the year and look forward to 2023, and Don recounts the story of the winner of the title Bad Boy of the Year.توسط Audacy
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