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What would you do if your HR person played you a recording of hell? In this episode, David talks about alien visits, magical manifestations, and tiny action figures. Pepper made her way back to the Goodwill and found a heart-shaped box. Click here for our show notesتوسط bafflingcyclops
Pepper and David talk about the ways they've dealt with stress over the last week by buying one another treats and, for Pepper, listening to sleep-inducing podcasts. Click here for our show notes This episode contains a clip from the Get Sleepy podcastتوسط bafflingcyclops
Let the specters of the season be the reason for your fears! When madness comes in tiers and tears have finally lost their way; take to the stars and let us say, “Is it ok if we come in? .. we swear we’re not the BEK!”Check out the latest installment of our Halloween special: Unsolved.توسط Blanco, Go & Iceman
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