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以勒圣经教会(Jireh Bible Church)是一个位于休斯顿,不隶属于任何宗派、地方性的教会。教会信仰完全基于聖經。相信新舊兩約六十六卷書, 都是神逐字逐句默示的話,在原卷中毫無錯誤, 為信徒信仰與生活完整無繆的標準。教会多年来蒙神托付多元种族事工,现有中英文两种语言的主日崇拜、细胞小组、以及週三門徒訓練和祷告会等聚會。欢迎慕道友与主内兄弟姐妹与我们一同追求敬拜这位掌管天地的三一真神。 本系列Podcast信息,是教会主任牧师李名功博士礼拜日在中文部崇拜聚会的讲道。
For the past 2,000 years, Jesus has been sovereignly building His Church. He has used all manner of people, places, and events to shape the theological traditions that continue to influence people today. Travel back in time as we spend åfive months together tracing the historical development of theology, and gain a much greater understanding of those who have gone before. In the end, we will be sobered by the constant threat of error, while being motivated to take our place in the long line ...
Jireh Bible Church, located in Houston, Texas, is a non-denominational, local church. JBC believes the Holy Scripture, the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, to be the verbally inspired Word of God, inerrant in the original writings, and the complete and only infallible rule of faith and life for every believer. Over the years, JBC has held onto the burden from the Lord to devote to the Multi-ethnic ministry. Currently, the church offers two services in English and Chinese on Sun ...
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Born in the seventh century AD, Islam has become the fastest-growing world religion. Where did it come from? What does it teach? In this lesson, we will explore these issues and more.توسط David Forsyth
In this lesson, we will complete our study of Christological controversies by looking at the "four fences" of Chalcedonian orthodoxy which provide boundaries beyond which it is not safe to go in exploring the mystery of how the two natures of Christ exist in one person.توسط David Forsyth
In this lesson, we inquired into the controversy over icons as well as inadequate theories of the atonement proposed during the 12th century. We also evaluated the Didache and observed that it lacks the authority of the books included in the NT, which indisputably marks them as genuine Scripture written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.…
Did the Church form the canon or did the canon form the Church? How does a Believer know what is Scripture and what isn’t? How we answer these questions will set the trajectory for our understanding of the Church and the Bible.توسط David Forsyth
We looked at the ten waves of Rome’s persecution of the early church which was brought to an end when Constantine converted to Christianity and defeated his enemies thus rising to supreme power in Rome.توسط David Forsyth
An introduction to the History of Doctrine. For the next several months, we will trace the historical development of theology and gain a much greater understanding of those who have gone before.توسط David Forsyth
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