My firstminute | Ben Lovett, Co-founder of Mumford & Sons, Communion and Venue Group | Roelof Botha, Partner Sequoia

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As we wrap up 2022, we’ve looked back at firstminute capital’s first podcast “My firstminute” from 2020 and 2021.

My firstminute talked to some of the world’s top investors, founders and thought-leaders about the first minutes of their careers, some of the battles they’ve overcome and their advice on navigating the world today. When discussing ‘the world today’, many guests addressed the effects of Covid-19 as this series was recorded in the height of the pandemic. Each episode concludes with a Q&A with fellow entrepreneurs.

Today’s episode (originally recorded in March 2021) features Sequoia investor extraordinaire, Roelof Botha, known for his investments in Instagram, YouTube, MongoDB, Unity, Eventbrite, Square, 23andMe, Bird, Evernote, BridgeBio and many more; alongside Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, and two-time entrepreneur, Ben Lovett.

They discuss how entrepreneurship and creativity are intrinsically linked to one another and the role that luck and humility played in their careers.

Listen to the advice that Roelof and Ben give to budding entrepreneurs alongside how he tests for authenticity in founders and how to spot a good opportunity.

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