Breaking Free from Toxic Cyles with Sherry Lynne

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In this "how-to" episode Dr. Patty welcomes Sherry Lynne from Sherry Lynne Counseling to discuss breaking free from toxic cycles. Sherry explains that there are two types of toxic cycles, one that births negative patterns in your life and the second that passes those behaviors to the next generation. She clarifies what a toxic cycle looks like in relationships and the resulting bondages that it creates. Dr. Patty shares a bit about the spirit, soul, and body and how fixing your eyes on Jesus can affect your soul and body positively while fixing your eyes on the circumstances can result in negative outcomes that encourage a victim mentality. Sherry shares how with Jesus' help, you can you break these negative patterns and find hope and victory. They both share stories of people who were able to break free from toxic cycles and their resulting freedom. Sherry invites you to join her FaceBook group called Christian Women Overcomers where you can find support if you are needing to be free from toxic cycles in your own life. Jesus gives His perspective on this issue and issues you a hopeful challenge if you are going through something like this, or know someone who is in your Experience Jesus encounter time.

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