Corey Medina: Connecting With Community Through Music

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Today we chat with Corey Medina, a blues-rock artist from Shiprock, NM, and member of the Áshįįhí clan of the Diné Nation. His band, Corey Medina & Brothers, has a reputation as an on-stage powerhouse, bringing its blues-tinged rock and roll to stages across Minnesota.

Corey shares his experience moving to northern Minnesota a decade ago and talks about decolonizing his writing process during the recording of the new album Soak. He also talks us through Soak’s album art, which features an animal skull submerged in a colorful body of water.

Corey Medina & Brothers’ latest album Soak is available on Spotify and other streaming services. Find out where the band is playing at - Their record release show is in Bemidji at the Rail River Folk School on September 23, 2022.

Chi Miigwech to Corey for sharing his gift with us today!

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