Didn’t See That Coming Part 2

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This episode of the Tell Us Something podcast was recorded live in person, in front of a sold-out crowd on June 27, 2022, in Bonner Park, in Missoula, MT. Four storytellers share their true personal stories live without notes on the theme “Didn’t See That Coming”.

Our first story comes to us from Katie Garding. Some bad decisions on a New Years Even lead to a wrongful conviction and 10 years in prison for Katie Garding. Katie calls her story “The Paths We Take”.

Thanks, Katie. Katie Garding is a humanitarian at heart. She believes in the connection of all things. Katie is a lover of art and the simple beautiful things, that this life has to offer. View more info about Katie’s case here. Listen to Katie talk about life on parole and her experience with wrongful conviction.

Visit here to learn more about the Montana Innocence Project.

Next up is Linda Grinde. Linda joins a cabaret show in Hamburg, Germany, and must escape once she learns that she may be working for the Nazis. Linda calls her story “Last Can-Can in Hamburg”.

Linda Grinde is an amateur philosopher and a professional garden beautifier. She leads nature rituals and wild women camping retreats. Linda learned to swim this winter and just last week she competed in the backstroke event at the Senior Olympics. She also competed in the putting and cornhole events. Her team won the gold, in the cornhole event. She will be playing Maureen for the Missoula Backyard Theater production of “Rent or Die” this September. To learn more about rent or die and to get tickets, visit Missoula Backyard Theatre.

Rounding out this episode of the Tell Us Something podcast is Raymond Ansotegui.

Raymond learns an important life lesson when he’s in 3rd grade from an inmate in the Montana State Prison. Raymond calls his story “Fruit for Vegetables. (A Fair Trade)”.

Thanks, Raymond. Raymond Ansotegui was born and raised in Montana. He is a reclamation scientist and spent a decade as a rodeo bullfighter. His wife is a world-renowned artist that shares her life with him on their piece of paradise overlooking the Yellowstone River and the Crazy Mountains. He loves people and the bond of storytelling that holds us all together.

Check out Raymond’s TedX talk about being a bullfighter here.

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