EP209 Masty o Rasty (مستی و راستی) - Veria Amiri

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In this episode Raam talks to Veria Amiri, who has a Masters Degree in mathematical physics. Veria is well known within the Iranian community for his conversations and lectures around philosophy, religion, atheism, morals, ethics, vegetarianism and much more. In this first of many conversations they cover a range of topics such as morals and ethics from an atheist viewpoint, the perils of social media, a history of knowledge and what's in store for the future. This episode was merely an introduction to some more sophisticated topics that will be covered in more depth in the future.

***Masty o Rasty is not responsible for, or condone, the views and opinions expressed by our guests ***

***مستی و راستی هیچگونه مسولیتی در برابر نظرها و عقاید مهمان‌های برنامه ندارد.***


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