Ep 55 (S4 Ep3): Mugging is a Hungry Business

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This week we have our first ever non-osteopath or osteopathic student on the podcast! With the mountain of knowledge that we have to learn during this degree, we decided to get some help from outside of the profession and spoke to Chelsea's partner, Jack Martin, who is currently doing a PGCE. As someone who is literally training in how to teach students, he provided us with some amazing ideas on how to learn and retain information. As we have a lot of self study to do, where we have to be our own teacher, Jack suggested the idea of having "teacher days" and "learner days". Teacher days, where you are collecting all of your assets and planning, learner days where you just learner. It turns out the key to learning is making it fun.
We absolutely loved talking to Jack and are now full of ideas and itching to get studying.
You can check out all of Jack's creative projects here:

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