Episode 115: The Evolving Landscape of the Human-Tech Interface with Ori Inbar

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Hello Smart Firefighting Community!

Want to learn a thing or two about augmented reality? Then take a listen...

Welcome to another episode of covering real world innovations via interviews with fire service and technology industry experts that empower YOU to develop your very own Smart Firefighting strategy!

In this episode:

- What is the changing landscape of XR tech & its impacts on public safety?

- How has human-computer interactions to human-world interactions evolved?

- A message for aspiring entrepreneurs / innovators in the world of XR

Joining as SFF's co-host is retired Caption Kirk Mckinzie along with our guest Ori Inbar, the founder of Super Ventures which was the FIRST early-stage fund dedicated to augmented reality (AR).

With an incredibly impressive track record under his belt, Ori is a recognized speaker in the AR industry, lecturer at NYU, as well as a sought after adviser & board member for AR startups. He's been an enterprising champion of the AR industry since 2007 when he established Games Alfresco - a leading augmented reality blog that helped popularize AR. Additionally, back in 2009, he was the co-founder & CEO of Ogmento, one of the first venture-backed companies conceived from the ground up to develop & publish augmented reality games - games like Pokemon Go.

Most notably, Ori is also the co-founder & CEO of Augmented World Expo AWE XR (formerly ARE) - a global community dedicated to advancing AR & virtual reality (VR). Since 2010, over 5,000 companies & 50,000 professionals have trusted AWE to connect, learn & grow their business in the XR ecosystem - via conferences, meetups, classes, award competitions, industry news & thousands of free videos about everything XR. Now in its 8th year, the conference has grown to be the world's largest and most influential conference for AR.

Want to join the XR community for FREE? Head to AWE.LIVE to register now for constant access to events, networking opportunities, virtual expos & more!

Connect with Ori Inbar: Twitter

Episode Resources:

- Edgybees Software

- QWAKE Technologies

- Fire Vision AR

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