Creative Ways that God Communicates with Cindy Fiebig

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In this episode, we will look at some of the unique and creative ways that God communicates with special guest Cindy Fiebig. Cindy shares some of what the Lord taught her about how to pull down the miracle of God healing her of epilepsy. She shares what she has learned about the importance of engaging all of your senses when you connect with God and how much that helps you believe Him for His promises. Dr. Patty talks about how God can speak to people through unique filters and Cindy shares about her new special place, a heavenly garden house. She also shares some stories about some of the flowers in that garden and what the Lord had to say about the biblical principles they represent. Cindy Fiebig is a member of Dr. Patty's Spirit Life Circle, a weekly mentored coaching meeting where members practice exercising the gifts of the Spirit in a safe community and have group dialogue journaling encounters with God.

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The flowers referenced by Cindy Fiebig are the White Poinsettia, the Water Lily, and the Red Rose.

Brochure about the Spirit Life Circle mentored coaching service.

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