One Year To Financial Freedom With Land Investing

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In this episode of the Forever Cash Podcast, we would like to recognize our latest inductee into the Land Profit Generator Hall of Fame.

On July 6th, 2021, Jeanette Amayo took a giant leap of faith that has transformed her life forever. Jeanette walked away from a career spanning 35 years to start her land investing business full-time – without a single deal under contract and no plan-B. Her incredible courage has paid off beyond even her wildest dreams.

Jeanette has closed 34 deals (at the time of writing) and has promissory notes equalling $565k at full term. She has another deal under probate that will almost double this amount, securing her a monthly passive income that exceeds her monthly expenses and outstrips the paycheck she used to earn in a senior management position.

“Land flipping has afforded me so many wins. The best being that I wake up every day and DON’T have to go to a job! I spend 35 years of my life giving all of my time, energy, and work ethic to somebody else for very little in return. I missed so many important family events – milestone moments that I will never get back. When I enrolled in Land Proft Coaching, I KNEW that I would be successful in this business. Not having anything else to fall back on drove me to achieve my goals and has changed my life forever!”

Not many people dare to bet on themselves in the way Jeanette has over this past year. However, Jeanette has proven the adage that you can do anything you set your heart and mind to. Jeanette, your passion, dedication, and unbelievable bravery are an inspiration to every Land Profit Generator family member. It’s a privilege to honor you as a member of the Land Profit Generator Hall of Fame!

If you want to discover how Jeanette launched her land investing business and achieved complete financial freedom in under a year, join us for our upcoming online Land Profit Masterclass, starting January 17th.

Jeanette started her journey to financial freedom with the Land Profit Masterclass, a FREE 5-day training event just like this one. Visit to book your spot TODAY!

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