Interview: Kimya & Vida Raietparvar

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Fresh off scoring a penalty and a stunning goal-line save to help Vanderbilt University claim its first conference title in 26 years, Kimya Raietparvar and her sister Vida, both former members of Iran Women's U-19 squad, join Gol Bezan Editor Samson Tamijani to discuss their playing careers and futures. Originally from north of Dallas, Texas, they represent both their home nations for college and in AFC competitions, with Kimya scoring twice in the 2018 AFC U-19 Qualifiers. Beginning January 2021, they will both be on the same college team. Kimya also talks about what it's like being the teammate of Sarah Fuller, the first woman to score points in a major college American-football game. Follow us on social media @GolBezan, and please give us a subcribe, like/review wherever you listen to your podcasts - iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube. Hosted & Edited by Samson Tamijani Graphic by Mahdi Javanbakhsh Intro Song: CASPIAN by Asadi Instagram: @dannyasadi

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