Asian Qualifiers Group A Analysis - All For Team Melli | Part 2

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In Part 2 of this two part episode, host Arya Allahverdi is joined by panelists Pezhman Pars & Sahand Salari to discuss: Iran's chances in the final round of World Cup 2022 Qualification; Dragan Skočić remaining as Team Melli head coach and more. We also hear from's Sina and's Dara Zarandi who give their reactions and thoughts on Group A of the Asian Qualifiers and all the news surrounding the Iranian National Team. Chapters: Intro – 0:00 Reaction to Group A Draw - 2:05 South Korea Again? - 6:42 Are UAE a potential banana skin? - 11:00 Syria a surprise? - 14:07 Sina | Radio Offside - 16:47 Dragan Skočić Stays - 26:23 Dara Zarandi | Persian Football - 34:31 Fan Questions - 40:41 Outro - 49:58 Follow us on social media @GolBezan, leave a like/review & subscribe on the platform you listen on - YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Amazon, Castbox. Host: Arya Allahverdi Panel: Pezhman Pars & Sahand Salari Guests: Sina & Dara Zarandi Editor: Samson Tamijani Graphic: Mahdi Javanbakhsh Intro Music: CASPIAN by ASADI Outro Music: K!DMO Arya - Pezhman - Sahand - Sina - Dara - Samson - Mahdi -​​​ 🌐​ 🔗​ 📧

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