Bernard Collaery: On Rescuing | Curiosity Lecture

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If you find yourself in dire straits, whether or not you’re rescued may come down to where you are in the world. One of the great international divides, the duty to rescue others is a truly curious product of common law. Continental Europe: you’re obligated to reasonably help, no matter how late you’re running. In the UK...carry on. Throughout his career as a solicitor, barrister and politician, Bernard Collaery (Oil Under Troubled Water) has been a fearless advocate for human rights, specialising in litigation in some of Australia’s highest profile catastrophic personal injury cases. In this Curiosity Lecture, hear Bernard explore where Australia sits on this legal sliding scale of saving.

This session was recorded live outside at the Blacksmiths’ Workshop, Carriageworks for Sydney Writers' Festival 2021.

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