Episode #287 - Fantasy Football Live Pick by Pick FFWC Draft Show

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It's an annual tradition that has now grown from one league to three! The FFWC proudly presents Red vs Blue - LIVE pick by pick commentary of the 2021 Online Championship Draft. Join Scott Atkins and Michael Trent as they provide back and forth breakdowns with some of the top players in the world. Special guests: Dr. Roto, The Fantasy Executive, Shawn Childs, Frank Taddeo and more. Let's check out this year's participants and their draft position: 1 Fantasy Newb - David Mora 2 Daly Double - Jerry Bryant 3 MUDCRUTCH - Tom Northrop & Mike McCarthy 4 Mr Pink - Andrew Palermo 5 SKULL CRUSHER - Greg Koch 6 Release The Kraken II - Ashraf Ibrahim 7 FL Hitmen - Tom Morrison 8 BSOL - Frank Shinnick 9 Bronko 21-05 - Ken Brzozowski (2020 League Champs) 10 Evil Empire - Anthony Vargas 11 Dilly Dilly - Joey Brown 12 BadaBing - Jim Scarnati Follow along with the draft's color coded draft board.

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