Supporting Youth in Accessing Higher Education with Jessica Aleman

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Research shows that youth in foster care are at high risk of dropping out of school and are less likely to attend or graduate from college than peers who did not experience foster care. CASA volunteers can play a powerful role when it comes to supporting these youth in meeting their educational goals, including access to higher education. In this episode of CASA on the Go, we're joined by Jessica Aleman, LCSW, to talk about Island Harbor, a wraparound program here in Texas that exists to empower young adults aging out of the foster care system in pursuing a college degree. To learn more about Island Harbor, visit the program's website or contact Jessica at
For more resources, visit Education Reach for Texans, which seeks to eliminate barriers to success and build support programs for youth who experienced foster care attending public colleges and universities in the state of Texas. Follow these links to learn more about the many postsecondary programs for foster alumni and campus-based independent living programs.

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