44: From the South East Melbourne Phoenix - Simon Mitchell

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Brad and Boti talk with Coach Mitchell about:
- Dealing with the vacuum of Mitch Creek’s absence. Can Ryan Broekhoff fill the void?
- Is recruiting a coach or GM responsibility?
- Yani Wetzel’s great first-year form
- An injury report on the team
- Balancing minutes restrictions and load management
- The surprise packet that is Izayah Mauriohooho-Le afa
- Where the team sits in the contending stakes
- Comments on the ‘home’ NBL cup advantage
- Kyrie Irving to SEM at the end of his NBA career
- Thoughts on Anstey, Brett Brown, Adam Gibson and Tai Wesley
Plus all the major NBL news wrapped up in a cute little bundle of joy!
Each week Brad Rosen (NBL Commentator) and Boti Nagy (NBL Blogger) give you the wrap on the NBL. Highlights of the week, game-by-game synopses, ‘Nagy’s Nasty’ and ‘Rosen’s Rattler’.
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