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The Scout Fantasy Online Championship returns with a Grand Prize of $50,000! The largest league prizes in the industry just got larger! Join Scott, Mike and "The Crew" for LIVE Coverage of the 7th Annual Scout Fantasy Online Championship! To follow along the draft, HERE IS THE LINK TO THE COLOR CODED DRAFT BOARD. $299 to ENTER. $2,374 in League Prizes, $50,000 Grand Prize. 1 Daly Double: Jerry Bryant - 2nd Place 2016 2 Hub City FFC: Phil Hartladge - 2nd Place 2017 3 Pound 4 Pound: Wayne Ferguson 4 ShamOfCali: Sham Hanish 5 Javelinas: Kurt Kuekes 6 Canadian Geese: Blaine Perra - Won for the 3rd straight year! Finished 3rd overall in the entire contest! 7 Spies and Trolls: Richard Mallon 8 Hairy Mary Monks: Chris Brommel 9 Team Garner: Brock Garner 10 Mr Pink: Andrew Palermo - 2nd Place 2015 11 BadaBing: Jim Scarnati 12 ideeot: Jonathan Anderson Learn more about the Online Championship HERE To become a SCOUT FANTASY MEMBER and get Member-Only access to the Best Players in the World, click HERE

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